Wednesday, February 25, 2015


In November, I blogged about the impact on mineral producers in Osage County, Oklahoma from a new mandate issued by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, requiring an environmental assessment as a precondition to any future drilling activity.  I made mention of a federal class action lawsuit that precipitated the mandate.  Since then, the lawsuit has not advanced an inch, with the judge still pondering numerous Motions to Dismiss, filed by the mineral producers.

There is an article in today's Tulsa World describing the overall situation and the impact on the oil economy in Osage County, which is well on its way to being devastating.  But Gentner Drummond, the Plaintiffs' attorney, has a different term for it: "a godsend."  According to Mr. Drummond, this is because “exploration and production costs are saved during this period of reduced oil prices.”

The implication is that the Osage Nation and the oil producers lack sufficient knowledge and wisdom to adroitly respond to movements in the price of oil, so God must send a class action plaintiffs' attorney to save the day.  

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