Friday, October 5, 2012

Acropolis at Lindos on Rodos

Getting to this spot required renting a car and driving south along the east coast of the island of Rhodes to the town of Lindos and then doing a great deal of walking. In Lindos, we had our first mini-crisis. Jenese's ATM card, which we had planned on being our only source of cash, was rejected by two ATM machines. At the third one, it told her she had exceeded her daily cash withdrawal limit, which left us wondering whether the other two machines took money from her account, even though no cash was dispensed. We went inside the bank and had a teller confirm that was NOT the case. That killed almost an hour and we still can't get the card to work. We are now relying on my credit card for cash advances.

(The Greek Doric columns are mostly fake (reconstructions), but not quite as fake as Obama's Greek columns. A few segments are from the original columns.)

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  1. (I thought you were going to say, "...not quite as fake as Obama's fiscal policy.")

    Were you asking for too much at once? That happened to me in Prague. Ruined one whole night till I researched the cause at home.